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Board of Directors

Brian Laudenbach - President

Laura Turnacliff - Vice President 

Mike Gulbrandson-Past President

Connie Johnson - Secretary

Karla Lutterman-Treasurer 

Send mail to: P.O. Box 86

Hackensack, Mn 56452

Stacy Bray - Membership 


Randy Turnacliff-Water Quality

Stan Kumpula-Lakes Mgmt. Plan Leader

Dick Bottorff - AIS Chair

Historian - Open 

Laura Turnacliff - Our 6 Lakes Facebook Page Administrator

Lois Anderson-Man Lake Rep

Rob Chapman-Baby Lake Representative

Chuck & Kathleen Millberg-Baby Lake Reps

Brian & Monica Laudenbach - Co-Kid Lake Reps

Gary Rueter - Lost Lake Rep 

Norm Wieland- McKeown Lake Rep

Chuck Naeckel-Kerr Lake Rep

John Poor - Co-Chair of Fisheries Team

John Jensen - Co-Chair of Fisheries Team

Sue Ready - Newsletter

Charley Ready - Web Master our6lakes.org

Mike & Lynette Johnson- loonledger.com