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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) - TBD, Chairperson

Water Quality - Randy Turnacliff, Chairperson
Monitor water quality in association lakes. Responsible for Secchi disk readings, water testing, water levels recording, and reporting of collected data to responsible parties. Education of our membership on water quality data and issues that affect water quality.
Fisheries - John Poor, John Jensen, Co-Chairs
Work with the DNR to maintain/improve our lakes fisheries. Work with other organizations (such as WAWC, ACCL, Muskies Inc, etc.) to ensure healthy fisheries. Work with water quality committee on vegetation preservation and other water quality issues that impact fisheries. Educate our membership on fisheries issues.
Lakes Management Plan - Stan Kumpula, Chairperson
Coordinate with the Board of Directors and committees to collect all pertinent information on the activities of the lake association and include all appropriate written accounts in the Lakes Management Plan book.
History - (vacant)
Search for and maintain a collection of historical events and developments that have occurred in our watershed area.
Loon Counts - Sue & Charley Ready, Coordinators
Coordinate the counts of loons on association lakes, maintain a file of yearly counts, and provide the information for our newsletter.
Newsletter - (team to be formed)
Responsible for preparing  the association newsletter about three to four times per year from information provided by the Board, committees, and other members.
Web site - Chuck Ready, coordinator
Responsible for updating/maintaining the Association web site. Add/maintain data as needed, recommend updates, changes, etc
Safety/Buoys - Contracted
Responsible for installing, removing and storage of the association water marker buoys