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Preserving For Future Generations the Beauty, Value and Enjoyment of Our Lakes:  A True Legacy


That in a nut-shell is why we have a Lakes Association. Thanks to all who have continued their membership year-after-year. You’ve sustained the Association’s ability to do so many important projects. This year we are making a special appeal to new members as well as those who may have belonged at one time in the past.  Increased memberships allow the organization to take on additional projects. These projects could impact our Water Quality and Fisheries Management, Protection from Invasive Species, Sustain or Increase our Wildlife Populations and many other valuable endeavors


If are a “weekender,” a “year-rounder” or an owner of property on one of the six lakes of our Association, PLEASE consider becoming a member.  If you are unsure what the benefits of belonging are –  I’d like to mention prevention or control of Rusty crayfish, algae, spiny water fleas, Zebra mussels, Eurasian milfoil, New Zealand mud snail; enhancement of our clear water, abundant wildlife, improving fish populations, crime-free area, controlled land use/development, higher property values, less time on market if selling, passing down of a valuable asset from generation to generation – to name just a few reasons. In part, that’s what the Lakes Association is about.


Also included in the Membership Drive – is the option to donate to vital local services – the Fire, Rescue and Emergency Response Teams. Anyone who has had to use these services knows how rapidly they respond to a crisis and how professional they are.



Just click on the Dues Form below to join our association.

Chuck Ready,
Jul 17, 2019, 8:01 AM