Anglers are asked to report tagged walleye they catch this summer(2016) in the Child, Girl and Woman Chain of Lakes in northwestern Minnesota.

Fisheries staff with the DNR tagged more than 3,000 walleye in the Woman Chain this spring with individually numbered tags. The purpose of the tagging project is to get a population estimate for the chain of lakes over the summer using the angler catch reports.

In addition to the tagging project, a creel survey will be conducted on the Woman Chain beginning on the Saturday, May 14, fishing opener through Friday, Sept. 30, to estimate fishing pressure and harvest on the three lakes. Information from the tagging study and creel survey will help the DNR make future management decisions for these lakes.

If anglers catch a tagged walleye they are asked to report the tag number, where the fish was caught, its length and whether it was harvested or released. Anglers are asked to not remove the tag if the fish are released.

For this project, anglers can report tagged walleye:

  • At the tagged fish page.
  • By emailing tag reports to the Walker fisheries office at walker.fisheries@state.mn.us and including the lake name, tag number, length of the fish and whether it was released.
  • At local businesses that have agreed to help DNR collect tagged fish reports; in Longville, the One Stop Convenience Store, Longville Bait Store and the Mule Lake Store will have tag report booklets, as does Swanson’s Bait and Tackle in Hackensack.

The Child, Girl and Woman Chain of Lakes are among many waters in the state where anglers could catch a tagged fish, including the Mississippi River and Mille Lacs Lake. The DNR asks that anglers report any tagged fish caught in Minnesota at the www.mndnr.gov/taggedfish page. Reporting these fish provides information about fish populations and informs management decisions.